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Clyde Harvey

After graduating from grade 12 in Tacoma WA, Clyde moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he formed a band, playing around Vancouver for a couple of years before moving to Hawaii. 


From Hawaii they moved to Los Angeles for a few years, until Clyde found himself back in Vancouver, where he decided to play keyboards (and be one of three lead singers) in a band called Fox, who later changed their name to Canada. 


They were able to land a recording contract with RCA Records, and released a single on that label. After a time the band dissolved, and Clyde moved to Edmonton, Alberta, entering Grant McEwen College, where he studied music theory and drama.


Over the last few years, Clyde has completed extensive international engagements in Morocco, Africa; South Korea; Malaysia; Osaka, Japan and the Caribbean. While not working in an international capacity, Clyde works in Vancouver BC as a song writer, producer, and performer. His repertoire includes soft love ballads, jazz standards, and pop favourites from many different artists.


Clyde adds grace and charm to every establishment he performs in, and is very much appreciated as a professional entertainer.


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