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Brian Newcombe

Brian Newcombe, bassist of Canada-Fox, attended Vic High in Victoria, BC., then joined the 'Tom Northcott' Band in Vancouver, opening for The Who and The Doors in 1967.


While playing the Vancouver nightclubs in the fall of ’68, he joined Paul Dean & Billy McBeth at 'Oil Can Harry's' Club in a backup band for 'FatSoul'. Later that year, they added Clyde Harvey on organ and lead vocals, but by '69 that gig was gone. The band kept going, minus the 2 singers they were backing, and named it 'The Fox'.


In 1970, they changed it to ‘CANADA’, and with the help of their manager Lou Blair, signed a record deal with RCA Canada in Toronto.


By early '72 the Band had split up, before Brian joined Jayson Hoover's Band in ’74, playing bass on his Mushroom Records album, followed by playing on Heart's first session with Mushroom, the Dreamboat Annie Album. From '77 to '82 Brian worked in Edmonton as a '1st Call' Session Bassist, finally relocating to Vancouver in ’82, also working as a 1st Call Session Bassist from that point onward.


From '84 - '86 he played in the Canadian band Chilliwack, and from '86 - ’95, on all David Foster's Charity Event Shows, backing the likes of Celine Dion & Bryan Adams - as well as playing David's Shows in Chicago, Atlanta, Vancouver and Ottawa. From '90 - ’99, Brian played in the CTV House Band for the 'Variety Club Telethon’, including 4 times with the Legendary Ray Charles!

From 1974 and up to 2000 and onward, he has played on many sessions for Albums, CDs, TV & Film, Jingles, and more!

Royal City Music Project



Brian with the Legendary Ray Charles 

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